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Sunday, June 11, 2006

An Apology

Hoda, the seven-year-old Palestinian girl made most of the thousnads of mourners cry in her family's funeral. Hoda's family members were killed in a new masscre of the Israeli occupation in Beit Lahia in Gaza.

Hoda, who lost her father, mother and five of brothers and sisters, became lonely in this world. She could not bear the shock and passed out seven times during the funeral, waking up to cry " Don't leave me alone" once, and "Go with peace/safety" another.

The women who surrounded her in the funeral and tried to..........

Is it really worth it? translating the rest of this piece of news and putting it as a post??
It happened before with Mohamed Al-Durra ... so what? It is amazing how we forget things so easily
We feel angry for sure, then it cools down to mere sympathy .....and at the end we just forget
Disasters are actually too many, especially in this part of the world, to stop and count them or ponder before one of them for a long time
So we will cry for Hoda, and some politician or businessman will adopt her, and indeed there are campaigns already for supporting her..........then what?
a vacuum
Palestinians will continue be killed, Arabs are to continue watching
Ah...and of course when some idiot comes up with a drawing insulting our prophet, we won't forget to go out to streets denouncing the matter, condemning the deed and ignoring the fact that it is not our prophet who is abused; it is actually the petty example of Islam, actually of humanity, we set that is abused
Am I confusing peoples with regimes?
I do not think so


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